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Disaster Report 4 Epilogue DLC Walkthrough + Trophy/Achievement Guide


Welcome to the walkthrough for the Epilogue DLC for Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. This piece of DLC will have you revisiting the scene of the disaster after some time has passed to check in on previous characters and see how the city is rebuilding. This walkthrough will cover all interactions you have to make to complete the DLC, all trophies & achievements, and all compasses & bags in both Part 1 & Part 2 of the Epilogue. Part 1 of the DLC is available for free but Part 2 will cost you money and all the DLC related trophies/achievements are locked behind Part 2.

This is largely a very easy piece of DLC to complete with very little to miss or explore but as with the main game you will be tasked with making certain interactions to progress the narrative with little to no guidance on these actions so if you are looking for a complete guide to get the most out of the experience look no further.


Chapter 1

  • Load any save

  • First two choices do not matter

  • Take a few steps forward and go up the stairs on your right. Pick up the newspaper next to the man sitting down.

  • Cross the street to the East and enter the Apparel Shop. For future reference you can check that you’re in the store I am referring to by pressing pause and looking over to the “Location” section on the right.

  • Go up to the third floor and talk to “Hard-pressed woman” near the top of the stairs. Say: “I say hello and ask if she needs anything from me” then “I bluntly ask if she has the key to the staff room” then “I bow my head and ask politely”

  • Go back downstairs and outside and cross the road to the North and enter Glitinir Inc.

  • Head over to the elevators and after a small cutscene you will find the Christmas tree compass on the ground nearby.

  • Since you already picked up the newspaper earlier you can head straight back to the Hard-pressed woman on the third floor of the Apparel store.

  • Go down to the first floor and interact with the decorative foliage on the southern wall of the shop interior to receive the Apparel office’s new key.

  • Go to the second floor and open the locked door. In the room on the left you can find a Purse for more storage space.

  • Now go to the third floor and enter the locked door. Enter the room on the left for a cutscene with Akemi. Respond to her however you please. Options will be different depending on your interactions in the main game.

  • After the conversation, pick up the newspaper from the bottom shelf and show it to the Hard-pressed woman.

  • Go outside and go through the map transition to the East to enter Asagao Crossing.

Chapter 2

  • You can respond to starting dialogue however.

  • Head up the blue stairs in front of you to find the Power Shovel compass.

  • Turn around and go back to the Convenience Store you passed on your way to the stairs. Answer the cutscene selections however you like. Once the scene is over you can buy food from her if you like. Buy a bouquet of flowers and place it on Ms. Higa’s altar across the East road.

  • Use the map exit to the South to Ajisai Crossing.

Chapter 3

  • Follow the path in front of you and eventually you will see the Car Dealership on your right. Speak to the manager if you like and enter the office behind him to pick up the Work coveralls on the desk.

  • Head down the east road and if you like, talk to the man outside the italian restaurant to buy some outfits, otherwise head in to the restaurant and talk to Saito behind the counter if you would like some story updates or to order some food.

  • Head into the kitchen and talk to Chef Izumi. Answer that you are the person who owns this place to get a Deluxe Chef Hat.

  • Go to the next room back and interact with the locker, select “Open the locker without a name” to receive Chef whites.

  • Head into the back alley and follow the path to the Jewelry Store. Interact with the second wooden door you come across on your left. Now the wooden door directly in front of you. Talk to the woman in this room to give her Akemi’s bag.

  • Exit into the previous room and go through the door on the right, now exit through the front door. Answer however you like to end the chapter.

Chapter 4

  • Go forward a bit and turn East. Follow this road all the way until the next intersection and enter GZ Burger nearby.

  • Head behind the counter and pick up the Fast food worker uniform in the kitchen. In the small alcove near the female cook you can pick up the matching hat.

  • Now head back the way you came from and enter the Vestola IT company building. It’s the only accessible door near the intersection you came from. Once inside, go upstairs.

  • Follow the path forward until a scene plays.

  • Enter the room in front of you and move east to start another scene. Answer “Yes, I work at Vestola.” then “Things went so smoothly and efficiently… That does bother me.” then “I’ll cooperate with you”

Trophy/Achievement Unlocked - Investigative Journalism

  • Backtrack all the way out and start heading in the direction of the burger shop for a scene. Pick up the guitar compass next to the girl.

  • Head back into the burger shop and go upstairs. Approach the girl sitting alone to start a cutscene where you can try to convince her to go home.

  • Go outside and you will be asked if you would like to leave this area and proceed to the next area. Answer yes to finish the chapter.

Chapter 5

  • Starting choice doesn’t matter. Head forward and up the stairs on your right and talk to “Man resting on his cane” and ask him every question as it appears until he leaves.

  • Now approach the two people talking nearby and listen in. Answer anything you like.

  • Head East back over to the Apparel shop for another scene.

  • Head North and enter Glitnir

  • You can pick up the clam chowder compass on a small white table to your left.

  • Head back to where you entered this area (near the park) and interact with the Bus Stop sign and choose to wait for the bus to Azami Station.

Chapter 6

  • Follow the road forward until the intersection and head south-west towards the billboard that says Zenrin/Granzella Music and go through the nearby doorway, down the stairs, and through the next doorway.

  • Accept the rabbit-ear headband to get a new accessory. Other choices do not matter.

  • Head through the southern door to find a leather backpack on top of the safe and the omurice compass on the table. You can talk to the maid in this room for story updates.

  • Exit the cafe, go upstairs and head over to the courtyard opposite the doorway you emerged from. Near the dog statue is a subway entrance, head down the stairs to find the clown compass.

  • Head back to the dog statue and talk to the man wearing bunny ears. Exhaust all options until he leaves.

  • On the north-western side of this intersection is another subway entrance with the pudding a la mode compass.

  • Head back down the East road that you came from and interact with the other bus stop sign across the road from the one you arrived by and select to wait for the bus heading to Nishizume on Kakitsubata Main Street.

Chapter 7

  • As always, answers don’t matter. Head into the convenience store and talk to the Fake Store Manager Kumazawa. Answer the first question however you like and a buy menu will pop up. Exit out of it and answer the next question with “Why am I here? There are other stores in this city.” then “Maybe this guy has info on Hiroko…” then “Who is Masao” and choose to pay him.

  • Exit the convenience store and head East to start a cutscene.

  • Choose “I request a reward before giving over the info” to get a Space Fleet Commander’s Uniform.

  • Enter the door right next to where this scene occurred and head upstairs and follow the path all the way to the end and enter the door on the right to pick up POW arnour compass.

  • Now go into the offices and into the room with the three people at a table, talk to the “Woman receiving an explanation” for necessary information.

  • Leave and talk to the receptionist. Select “Aren’t you Ms. Kuramoto? President Kirishima respects you quite a bit.” then “Didn’t you say you were “disappointed” in him last July?”. Talk to her again and select “You look like you’re starving” then “I hand over the chocolate i got from Ms. Akemi” talk to her yet again and select “Let me guess your ex-boyfriends initials” followed by the answers “E” and “I” in that order. The answers after this don’t matter.

  • Exit the building and head east, on the side of the road opposite the footpath there is a gate under the highway. Interact with it then return to the receptionist and select “Can I borrow the key for the door under the highway?”

  • Return to that gate, unlock it and exit to the opposite side you came from.

  • Head East along the path and at the very end you will find the Firewood Backpack.

  • Head back West to the bus stop sign you passed and choose to wait for the bus.

  • Head East a little bit to start a scene where choices do not matter.

  • Leave the building to start another scene. Respond with “Gather information on a man named Kazama”

Final Chapter

  • Enter Akebonoutsugi Convenience Store and walk behind the counter (to avoid the buy menu) and respond with “Where’s Masao?”

  • Head into the backroom and talk to the convenience store employee restocking. Respond with “You’re Masao, right?” followed by “What do you know about Hiroko?”

  • Head South until you reach the save point then directly West to find Sakura Compass

  • Head back up the stairs you just went down and enter the building you are right next to. Go through the door on your left and talk to New President Tomie. Respond with “Remember me? I gave you the letter from your father?” followed by “Is Hiroko taking a day off today?”

  • Now head over to the save point for your last opportunity to save (which you should do in case you fail the next trophy) and afterwards head East down the small nearby path.

  • You will enter a scene, respond with “I remember about Yayoi, get angry, and beat them up”

  • You will now complete a fighting game minigame. It is incredibly easy just mash attack buttons. Win both of these fights to unlock a trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Unlocked - A Villain’s Comeuppance

Watch the final scenes and answer how you like to complete the Epilogue.

Trophy/Achievement Unlocked - A Letter From Yayoi

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