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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Trophy/Achievement Guide

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Difficulty: 2/10

Minimum playthroughs: 6 crucial ones but likely many, many playthroughs as the game can be finished in 5 minutes.

Time to platinum: 24 hours idle for one trophy, but 2 hours for play time, or over 10 years if you're opposed to cheating.

Online Trophies: 0

Number of missable trophies: 0

Glitched Trophies: 2, Settings World Champion and Speed Run but nothing too bad.


Welcome to the trophy & achievement guide for The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. This version of the game is a new and updated version of the original 2013 title and the debut of any version of the game on consoles. This version includes plenty of new content including an entirely new epilogue making it well worth the price tag. Overall the platinum is fairly easy you may just need some direction on where to go and when to go there so this guide should help you add that shiny trophy to your collection in no time.

Stage 1

In the first stage of this trophy guide you will be finishing the game along with tackling the various miscellaneous trophies. Many of these are very simple jobs that can be taken care of fast and easy and will familiarize you with the game as you unlock them.

Stage 2

This stage will be focused on achieving only one trophy but make no mistake, its the most involved trophy. You will need to reach multiple endings, collect collectibles and complete the epilogue to get it.

Stage 3

You can do this stage at any point in the process because it revolves around getting the Commitment trophy which can only be done on a Tuesday and time manipulation will not work for this one. If you choose not to use time manipulation for the 10 year trophy you will also be completing it here in, at the very least, the year 2032.


Initial setup

When starting the game, you will be asked if you have played The Stanley Parable before. Your answer to this question will determine how much of the original content you have to play before you can move on to the new content and get the associated trophy. If you would like to minimize play time, answer that you have played before.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition Trophy Guide


Excellent Job Following Directions

Obtain all other trophies


Get Your First Trophy

Awarded for getting any of the other trophies as your first.


This amusing trophy is completely redundant. As the title says; it will simply unlock as soon as you unlock any other trophy in this list. It is a trophy for getting a trophy.


Beat The Game

Complete The Stanley Parable.


This trophy is self-explanatory. You simply need to complete the game to unlock it. There are however multiple endings to the game and to unlock this one you will need to reach the freedom ending where Stanley escapes the facility. To do this, simply start the game and follow the narrator's comments. He will indirectly tell you where to go and provide the passcode needed. Eventually you will find yourself outside and the trophy will pop. This will take about five minutes from a fresh save file.


Test Trophy Please Ignore

Test trophy description! Replace this!


This trophy is unlocked by interacting with a particular machine. Getting this machine to function, however, has a number of steps, making this the most involved trophy in the game.

The first step needed is to complete a certain number of endings. The amount needed for this depends on a question you answered when you first started the game. As part of the setup you are asked if you have played The Stanley parable before. The answer to this question determines how many endings you need to collect before the "New Content" door will appear for you. Answer that you have and you will only need a few endings, answer that you haven't and you will need to do more. The exact amount is determined by a few different things. Either way, the first thing you should do is take note of where Door 416 is (it's just before the left/right doors) as you need to make this door change to "New Content" by completing enough endings. Then, if you haven't already, complete the freedom ending by following the Narrator's instructions. After that start working your way through the different endings of the game while checking Door 416 every time to see if it has changed yet. You can find a guide on endings from the original game ​here​​​.

After following the linear path the game will reset and you will spawn in a different location with the Narrator beckoning you to enter a vent. After following that linear path and another eventual reset the "New Content" door will now have a big neon sign pointing to it. Follow this path again to discover the Narrator has decided on making The Stanley Parable 2. You will end up in a big expo hall showing off features of this new game. First follow the sign that says "FREE NEW + EASY TROPHY" which takes you to a machine that specifically gives you this trophy but is unfortunately not functional at the moment. Leave and go up the staircase to the Collectibles exhibit and walk to the end of the area where you will find the first of six Stanley Figurines. Continue with the story until the next reset.

You will now need to collect all six of the figurines that have appeared around the now-altered office to continue progress on this trophy. You already have the first so follow the video guide below to find the location of the rest. You can check your progress on them in the Meeting Room (the room with the slideshow) after you've found at least one.

When you have all six, reset the game and you will hit a dead-end pretty early on Follow the Narrator's instructions to reach the Collectible Ending which will unlock the Epilogue in the main menu.

If the Epilogue menu doesn't appear it's likely because you have not opened and closed the application much. Whenever you start the game there will be pieces of dialogue on a black screen. You need to have started the game enough times that this dialogue is exhausted. You will know you have done it enough times when the text informs you that you will meet again if you can find it. You may or may not have already done this depending on how many times you've started the game.

During the Epilogue you will be asked if you want the game to endless churn out sequel titles every time you boot it up, you need to agree to this. If you disagreed just start the Epilogue over and you will be asked again.

After the Epilogue is complete, simply start the game as normal, make your way through the new content door again, enter the "FREE NEW + EASY TROPHY" area and interact with the trophy machine to finally unlock this trophy!


Welcome Back!

Quit the game and then start it again.


Another simple self-explanatory trophy. Just exit the game and start again. You can't unlock this by pressing "Begin the game again" or "Quit to menu" in the pause menu. You must actually actually close the application and open it again. The trophy will pop when you select "Begin the game" and spawn in Stanley's office.


You can't Jump

No seriously, we disabled it.


To unlock this trophy all you need to do is repeatedly attempt to jump by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox. If you are having trouble unlocking it, some players from the PC version believe this needs to be done next to something that one would normally attempt to jump on (e.g. a ledge) but this does not seem to be necessary with this version.



Play The Stanley Parable for the entire duration of a Tuesday.


Unfortunately, unlike the other time sensitive trophy, you cannot use time manipulation to get this one instantly. To get it, you must start the game before midnight on a Monday and leave the game open until Wednesday so that it is left playing for every second of the Tuesday. Before attempting this trophy make sure you adjust the settings on your PS5 by going to Settings > System > Power Saving > Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode > While Playing Games and set it to "Don't Put in Rest Mode" in order to prevent the system from automatically powering down which will void this trophy.

There have also been reports that you can change the date to a Monday and leave the console for 24 hours allowing you to get this trophy on any day you like. This method may become problematic if you make errors in the time manipulation or the console chooses to auto-correct the time by the internet so use it at your own risk. Either way, leaving the game on for 24 hours is unavoidable.

Note: It is currently unconfirmed whether or not the game being open to the main menu or paused will be enough. To be safe, make sure to actually begin the game and leave it unpaused.





By following the Narrator's instructions you will eventually be lead to the boss's office. There is a keypad behind the desk that the Narrator will draw your attention to. You can get this trophy by entering 8888 into the keypad twice. This will cause an unknown voice to say "eight" and trigger this trophy.

If you've made it past this point in the game a few times the Narrator will speed things up for you by allowing you to skip using the keypad and move forward. This does not affect your ability to get this trophy it will simply make it harder to see the number your pressing but don't worry; pressing the wrong button will not require restarting, just find the 8 and keep pressing it.


Click on door 430 five times

Click on door 430 five times.


This trophy sounds easy enough but actually has a fair few steps involved. You can find door 430 on the right just outside Stanley's office. Start the process by pressing X (A on Xbox) on the door five times and the narrator will comment that five clicks doesn't deserve a trophy and will give you task after task until he feels you have really earned the trophy.

In case you miss any of his instructions here is what you need to do in order:

  1. Click 20 more times

  2. Click 50 more times

  3. Door 417

  4. Door 437

  5. Door 415

  6. Door 437

  7. The copy machine

  8. Door 417

  9. Climb on 419's desk (which you can do by steering into the chair then the desk since there is no jump button)

  10. Door 416

  11. The copy machine

  12. Door 430

Note that this trophy can be impacted by the Deluxe Edition because Door 416 changes to extra content after you've fulfilled the requirements. While it may seem missable, it has been confirmed to revert under certain conditions such as while tackling other endings, completely finishing the content behind the extra content door and restarting the game, or saying no to the computer during the Epilogue. The reliability of any of these, however, seems to be different for everyone. What resets it for one person may not reset it for another. The easiest and most reliable workaround for this is to just delete your save since this trophy can be completed immediately. If you wish to keep your progress you can always backup your save to cloud storage, delete your console save, get the trophy and then download your backup save.

You should be able to find all these locations easily through exploration but if you don't care to do so you can follow along with this video guide:


Speed Run

Complete The Stanley Parable in under 4 minutes 22 seconds (not including load times)


This isn't particularly hard once you know where to go. The first thing of note is that you will need to get the true/freedom ending for this speed run. To get this ending you only need to follow the Narrator's instructions. This is likely one of the first or only endings you have encountered. Once you know where to go you can rush through all these directions fast but it can be fairly difficult to do it all fast enough to qualify for this trophy. To decrease your time there's two things you want to do:

  1. You want to play through the portion in the Boss's office a few times. If you wait for the Narrator to tell you the code you will have wasted to much time but if you attempt to put the code in before he tells you he will effectively (and hilariously) punish you for speed running by concluding that you are rushing through things because you have to much anxiety and force you to sit there and listen to calming music. Again, wasting to much time. However, if you play through this section a few times across your playthroughs, the Narrator will no longer require you to put the code in concluding that "we all know the drill by now" and open the door for you immediately on subsequent playthroughs saving a lot of time.

  2. This may not be necessary after the first tip but if you are still struggling you can speed things up once you make it to the Mind Control Facility. After clicking the first button with the light bulb on it to turn on the lights the catwalk will rise from the darkness below. If you move yourself against the chair then the desk and carefully walk on the railing you can actually skip past the gate, land on the catwalk and crossing it while it is still rising rather than waiting the whole time. Fun tip: if you fall off the railing instead you can find a new ending exclusive to this version of the game.

There have been multiple reports of this trophy not unlocking correctly even after beating the specified time by a considerable amount. You won't be locked out by this bug but it may require you to attempt it a few times before it registers properly.

Consult the video below if you would like to see this done incorporating both the above tips.


Settings World Champion

Set all settings sliders in the menu to all the available numbers.


For this extremely tedious trophy you need to go in to settings and adjust every slider to every possible number. For example, the Main volume setting must be adjusted to 0, 1, 2 3, 4.. and so on all the way through to 100. You do not need to press to X (A on Xbox) "apply" the setting, it is enough to just scroll through them. There are sliders under other settings too meaning you will need to turn subtitles on so that you can adjust the subtitle background opacity and you will need to turn translation labels on so that you can adjust translation label background opacity.

This however, is not all there is to it. The trophy description is misleading as it is also required to toggle every setting in addition to the sliders. The full list of everything that needs adjusting can be found below.



Field of view slider

Camera Sensitivity slider

Invert Y

Controller Vibration


Language (change it to every language)

Show Subtitles

Subtitle Size (Show Subtitles must be on - adjust to every size)

Subtitle Background Opacity slider


Show Translation Labels

Translation Label Size (Show Translation Labels must be set to on - cycle through every size)

Translation Label Background Opacity slider (Show Translation Labels must be set to on)

Show Color Labels

Show Content Warnings


Volume Levels

Main Volume slider

Narrator Volume slider

Music Volume slider

Sound Effects Volume slider


Control Scheme

Simplified Controls

After adjusting all these options under each category the trophy should pop. A few extra notes:

  • Do not hold the left and right button on sliders. Doing so will skip numbers and void the trophy.

  • It is advised that you scroll through the sliders slowly instead of mashing through them as fast as possible in order to make sure the game really registers each number.

  • This trophy can be a little glitchy. Not because of the misleading description but because sometimes the game can start to lag a bit in the settings which makes the controls stop working for a moment before suddenly catching up with all the inputs you did. It would seem that some of the numbers don't count during this or even just in general. If you find yourself with this lag or just not getting the trophy after doing everything above, close the game and start over. It took the author of this guide four attempts at changing every setting before the game recognized it and awarded the trophy.

  • After making a giant mess of your settings you can reset them to normal by scrolling down to the bottom of the General tab and selecting Reset Settings so no need to memorize where all the sliders were.


Super Go Outside

Don't play The Stanley Parable for ten years.


This is the trophy that will test your willingness to play by the rules. To get this trophy you must not play the game for 10 years. That's right, ten years. So for instance if you played the game on 28th of April 2022 at 11 AM, you must leave it completely closed until 28th of April 2032 at 11:01 AM. After waiting ten years simply open the game, press begin, and this trophy will be yours.

If, however, you don't feel the need to do such an absurd task, you can get this instantly by changing the time on your console. To do so first close the game (this is important - it won't count if the game is open) and follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings on your console

  2. Select System

  3. Select Date and Time

  4. Select Set Manually

  5. Move the year ten years forward (e.g. from 2022 to 2032)

  6. Go back to the home screen, open the application and start the game

  7. The trophy will unlock when you spawn in Stanley's office

You can return your time to normal by selecting Set using Internet > Set Now under the previous date and time settings

If you are contemplating whether this counts as cheating or not, consider that this option is specifically disabled for the Commitment trophy forcing you to do it legitimately while it is left open to save manipulation here which could be considered a conscious decision by the developers carried over from the 2013 version.

For a visual guide of which settings to change on PS5 consult the video below.

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